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Andre Rieu - Christmas Screening

Piece of Magic

Anna Lavery PR was retained by Piece of Magic to pre promote the Christmas Special  Event in cinemas nationwide December 4th and 5th .


Press releases were sent out and changed over a few months showcasing different images, trailers etc.


Also  organised  various interviews with Marie and Amelia over a 6 week  period with various media outlets .


Did up a generic Q&A for use with the media. Organised a few competitions as well to gain extra PR traction.

André Rieu - The Second Waltz (official video 2020)
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Interview with Jason O'Toole and  was a double page spread with the Irish Mirror and Daily Mirror NI 
The Big Issue - took the Q&A and in the December 1 issue nationwide
The Star piece from Sarah Slater
Feature with the Irish News - took  the generic feature


Classic Hits

Sunshine Radio

Ran a week long competition to win tickets to the cinema, great reaction.


Interview ran on November on Ireland AM

Interview ran November 29th on The Today Show, the week before pre promoted to win a pair of tickets online and on show.  Huge reaction

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