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The India Bar & Grill (2020)

Client: Bipul

AnnaLavery PR was retained by Bipul on November 6 to coordinate and manage the launch of the Restaurant. 


After meeting with Bipul and checking out the venue I also contacted the website designer and initiated some changes to  make it more inline  and to up the SEO and change imagery.

I organised the photographer, videographer, security,  designer for  menu cards, the backdrop, lights and DJ amongst others.

India Today Bar & Grill Launch
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Over the next few weeks I also coordinated with the Indian Embassy to  ensure that the Ambassador would attend the launch.  I looked after inviting guests of the restaurant, food critics and restaurant  reviewers to include Lovin Dublin, Dining In Dublin, The,  Food&Wine and  Restaurants and Hotels of Ireland  Times.  


Press Release was sent out to  all  media on the launch and worked on questions for Bipul to answer for the press. and background on the Chef Amongst invited guests ensure that we had a mix of corporates, social influencers, models etc and people who eat out a lot and restaurant reviewers.


Created a competition with to  run for a whole month. Interview  organised with Restaurant and Hotels of Ireland Times , Wednesday December 18th Review organised with Dublin Live and Siobhan O'Connor 

Evening of Tuesday December 3 - had sent over a detailed brief and timings beforehand   to  all working on the evening 
Arrived at 5.30pm to ensure set up   was correct, menu cards on table, DJ set up and  staff were briefed.. 7pm doors opened and we were soon full. The Ambassador arrived at 7.30pm .. Made sure all  guests had food  and drinks .. and worked with staff and Javied throughout the evening  for a smooth launch 
After the launch I sent images out to  magazines and press and used my own social media platforms. Also  worked with Niamh of Social to ensure that they had links to the restaurant on social  media. Dining in Dublin, Food &Wine (used a recipe and posted on launch). Photos from the launch landed across 2 pages in the Evening Herald.




  • Worked with the website designer and their social media person

  • Created a competition for December with

  • Organized an interview with BipuL and Restaurants and Hotels of Ireland

  • Sent out invites and information on the restaurant to Lucinda O'Sullivan, Catherine Cleary of Irish Times  and   Katy McGuinness of The Independent .. They choose which restaurant to  go to so fingers crossed over the next couple of months

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